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We are looking for a webmaster, and we want the position filled rather quickly ;)
We are a startup, in a rather unusual industry, and we are a great group of people here.
And, if you are interested in motorcycles in any way, shape or form - this is most certainly a place for you.

Webmaster / Internet Marketing Manager:
The Webmaster/Internet Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and managing the company’s websites and online advertising/marketing/e-commerce efforts. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, this position will oversee the daily maintenance and support of the corporate, consumer and intranet sites; manage projects to enhance web systems, infrastructure, and content; optimize site accessibility and performance through search engine optimization; develop and manage Google Adwords and banner advertising for B2C e-commerce and fulfillment; and monitor online traffic for analysis and ROI.

 Responsibilities include:

 Develop and maintain the company’s corporate, channel, intranet and customer sites using current content management system
Collect, analyze, and report data on relevant website usage/traffic and usability statistics using Webalizer or Google Analytics (preferred)
Manage online files/assets and perform website backups
Optimize content and site structure for search engine visibility and ranking
Create and deploy e-newsletters, product updates and promotions via email
Develop and manage Google Adwords and online banner advertising
Potentially integrate online marketing/advertising/e-commerce campaigns with Salesforce.com (TBD)
Produce in-store demos/presentations using Flash and/or DVD video


 A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in technical or creative field or equivalent
3+ years of B2C experience in Website development and maintenance with a solid understanding of FTP, JavaScript, ActiveX, ASP, XML, PHP, Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop, Acrobat and MS Office Suite
Experience with content management systems, portal technology and Salesforce.com
Solid knowledge of web server architectures, server management and hardware platforms, and operating system software
Video authoring and editing for in-store promotions a plus

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Dear all!
Sorry if this sounds like an advertising, but...

Blood banks are really suffering right now.  They are in desperate need of all types of blood.
If you are eligible to be a  blood doner and if you can find it  in yourself to help - please go and donate blood.
At the risk of sounding pompous and stupid, blood donation really is a gift of life.  There are many many people out there who depend on that blood for survival.  Many of these people are children :(
Remember, the most rare blood type is the one you need right now.  

Again, sorry if it sounds like an advertising.


Aug. 28th, 2007 01:32 pm
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Front page of  Lenta.ru:

Сенатор США отказался от своих признаний в домогательствах к мужчине

Сенатор конгресса США Ларри Крейг, осужденный за нарушение общественного порядка и ранее признавший свою вину, опубликовал обращение, в котором заявил о своей невиновности. Член Республиканской партии был осужден за сексуальные домогательства к мужчине в туалете аэропорта. 

Хорошо пишут, родные! :) А где голова то? :)
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А сегодня - Новый Год, а сегодня гусь с яблоками, а сегодня хлопушки и новое счастье!
С Новым Годом, все мои дорогие и любимые!
Пускай всё для всех будет хорошо - так, как каждый это понимает!
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There is a new REI that just opened in Mountain View.
And I got a little present for everyone ;)


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На случай, если кому интересно, видео со вчерашней игры. ;)

Пы.Сы. Говорю до сих пор шёпотом. 

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You Belong in Barcelona

When it comes to Europe, you don't want to decide between culture and fun. You want art by day and a big party by night.
Barcelona is ideal for you. You can check out some Picasso, eat some tapas, take a siesta, and then dance all night!
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This is incredibly impressive!

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Please, meet the latest addition to my electronic family -

The Pink Razr





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Я проверила. Так и есть, глава 31, первые два параграфа.

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Who cares about Super Bowl? (Well, especially after my native Seahawks lost and I owe lunch to 5 of my coworkers).  There is a much better alternative - Puppy Bowl II with Kitty half time show :)

Too cute :)

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Немножко грустно...

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of www.quitmeter.com.


Jan. 18th, 2006 11:28 am
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Proposed sanctions against Iran re: nuclear weapons research.

* Sanctions against Iranian oil exports.

* Banning Iran's soccer team from this summer's World Cup.

* Denying visas for foreign travel to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iranian officials involved in the country's nuclear program.

* Halting the IAEA's technical cooperation with Iran on nuclear issues.


I think the World Cup is whats going to do it! :)


Jan. 6th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Всех-всех-всех дорогих и любимых - с НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!!!
Пусть в этом году сбудутся все самые заветные мечты, пускай возникнут новые, пускай улыбки не сходят с губ.
Желаю всем хорошего настроения, здоровья и любви!


Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:48 am
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Это было бы смешно, если бы не было так грустно...
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Пингвины — это просто растолстевшие ласточки...
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